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German premium quality in every detail for the experienced pianist. Each Seiler instrument is 100 % made in Kitzingen, Bavaria. All details, including the tuning pins and strings, are premium quality products from Germany. With a genuine Seiler you receive a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship, which can fulfil your highest demands and convinces with its external
and internal values.

Johannes Seiler

Rich sound, easy touch and modern classic design. Johannes Seiler instruments are skillfully made according to approved Seiler guidelines in our partner-factory in Indonesia. Thanks to our knowhow that has been handed down and cultivated through generations, selected materials and a well thought-out design, you receive a sophisticated instrument with a great price-performance ratio.

Eduard Seiler

High-value instruments designed by Seiler Germany. The Eduard Seiler series embodies our latest designs and engineering standards. Highly skilled technicians supervise the manufacturing with commitment to our approved guidelines. Each instrument is finished by our piano makers at Kitzingen/Bavaria, who guarantee its high-value performance. Internationally acclaimed quality for everyone – this is Eduard Seiler. 
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