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Xmas is near

Younee in the ZDF morning magazine

a nice action at the end of the year

Shortly before Christmas, more exactly said on the 22nd of December, 2014, the SEILER grand piano had once again a big appearance with Younee. They might prove her skill in the ZDF morning magazine and spread prechristmassy feelings and interesting insights with her melodies.
In this sense the SEILER-Team also says goodbye in the well-earned Christmas vacation. We wish blest Christmas and all the best for the new year to all friends, customers and music lovers.

Direct Link to the ZDF Mediathek

Appointment reserve:
In March, 2015 in Kitzingen

Maria Baptist Piano Solo

CD release tour "Self portrait"

In New York city well-functioning piano Solo album of the seductress in the keys (WDR Radio) fascinates with an unusual palette: from Balladesk, song custody, Grabbing to Avant-garde. Baptist led the CD release tour from "Self-portrait" in 2014 through 25 towns in 3 countries. Something magic lies in the play of Maria Baptist. Their hands dance almost about the keys. If Baptist makes music, one does not leave the eyes from her, from her movements which help carry quite of course every tone. One is entrancedly from her breathtaking improvisations, the pianist's broads challenges which she masters so amazingly easily or her almost impressive degree wandering between song-like catchy music and avant-garde sounds. And at the same time one feels that Baptists art lives in the core on her energy, unmistakeable personality and absolute devotion to the moment. Baptist is a "true seductress on the black and white keys of a wing" (WDR Radio), a phenomenon on which Grammy winner Maria tailor expresses itself appreciatively: "Baptists music is a present, filled by the creativity, strength, emotions, size and warmth which is reflected in her whole life.” Between her hometown Berlin and the second native country New York pendulous pianist, composer and conductor counts without doubt to the most amusing artists of the modern jazz. And not only since her ECHO nomination. The recording "Self portrait" became highly cheered from the criticism;„ I have simply fallen in love with this selfportrait. In a stream of love and sadness, longing and fragility, to her pieces arises“ (aboutjazz). Baptist inspires with her „energetic play“ (piano news), her „excellent technology and her rich range of sounds“ (KN) the audience. Immediately in the first week the album climbed in the top 10 the jpc piano jazz charts and was able to do itself as the only new release of an Independently label (Maria Baptist Music) in which top 20 of the charts place.

The album-trailer you find here

SEILER Trader's meetings in 2014

200 years Eduard Seiler - we are obliged to the tradition

Two days of full information lie behind the interested round which have appeared on work in Kitzingen on the last October week-end in the SEILER factory.

An excellent possibility was to be shown to the partners from the whole German-speaking space our esteem to exchange itself and to inform about the development by SEILER. The latter took a high value, because from technical view many innovations and changes were to be discussed and were explained directly in the object in detail. In the sum these are beside constructive improvements many single stones which help our SEILER instruments again to new strength.

With a management became very quickly clear that SEILER makes his instruments still in traditional and with a lot of manual labour linked production manner. The aim of our action is the return to a traditional, respectable piano-maker. The positive resonance from the rows of the piano traders has shown us that we are on the right way.

With music borders overcome


Brain tumour defeats - Würzburger "promising Mozart" again actively

A year after his heavy illness the piano plays stand still in the centre of Tristan. After a Not-OP he came on the isolation ward of the university clinic of Wurzburg where he had to get through his first chemotherapy.
After his statement the music has cheered up him in this time and he could give with it also other a pleasure. For 16-year-old Tristan there is a time before the illness and a time after the illness. Nevertheless, the music connects both sides. The music helped him to fight against the tumour in his head. By his music even the world stars became carefully like "supertramp" who worried about his well-being. Besides, an appearance with Roger Hodgsen with the addition was an unforgettable experience.
A team of the Bavarian broadcasting company was on the move with Tristan to hold on this unusual history and his talent in a contribution. Besides, a station was the piano factory SEILER in which Tristan could show his musical side on a SEILER grand piano.

Here you can find the BR3-report

Younee as a studio guest in the Bavarian Broadcasting Abendschau

A portrait, accepted in the SEILER manufacture

Meanwhile the pianist Younee has stirred up the classical period scene quite a lot. In our work halls a team of the Bavarian broadcasting company has created an impressive picture of the artist. Younee shows on the one hand her skill and can tell with own word what music for them bedeudet where her creative ideas originate and which aims she has.SEILER accompanies the pianist on her musical trip and supports this special pianist with pleasure.

Here you can find the complete Portrait


YOUNEE - a virtuoso pianist and gifted singer

in the Abendschau of the Bavarian broadcasting company

on the 13.08.2014 the Korean pianist YOUNEE and a wonderful SEILER grand piano in the empire style as a studio guest on the evening show stage of the Bavarian broadcasting company.
In your native country South Korea the pianist, composer and singer has long ago star status. However, this does not pass your longest! Their aspiration: Musical borders cross and create your quite own music. And as this sounds, you can listen under the following link in the Bavarian Broadcasting Mediathek.

Younee in the BR3 Abendschau

Younee - a virtuoso Pianisitin and gifted singer

She searches the artistic challenge

Already at the tender age of three years the South Korean Younee begins her education which ends, finally, after a comprehensive classical period study in the famous Yonsei University with a bachelor exam in the classical piano.Younee receives many invitations for national competitions and festivals, receives many prices, soon counts to the prominent newcomers in her homeland, then decides, however to go rather her own musical way and to discover the borders of classical period, jazz and pop for himself.

Then Younee decides to go to England and to write by some dimensions of the English jazz scene, produce and her first album "Love" to publish.Younee succeeds it in connecting the different genres of classical period, jazz pop and rock in extremely soulful way with each other and in creating skill and her impressive voice own sound world with her pianist's broad.They would like to get to know more about Younee?

Important position for a secure future anew takes

With Patrik Wegner quality stands in the focus

With Patrik Horn-Wegner location Kitzingen strengthens from expert another 01.07.2014 of the branch the SEILER. He takes over the management of the high-class management and product development for new instruments of the ROPEMAKERS family. Quality is a process which must be always developed. Our aim is to raise the customer satisfaction and to put the traditional piano construction in the centre.

The certified piano master builder looks back at 23 years of experience and lives for 30 years with and for the music.

The traditional brand SEILER extends team

Julius Feurich becomes a new manager

165 years of piano architecture indicate to knowledge to receive skill and experience from many decades, however, also the responsibility this valuable knowledge and to perfect further. SEILER strengthens the production location Kitzingen and strengthens with it his regular seat in the top flight of high-quality piano and wing producers.

JULIUS FEURICH took over in June, 2014 the production management with the SEILER pianoforte factory in Kitzingen who would like to position himself to a new challenge. In his function Julius Feurich takes over all technical expiries and introduces be an accumulated, sound specialist knowledge from 33-year piano construction for the brand SEILER.
The qualified dipl. graduate in business management is connected absolute expert and expert of the black-and-white keyboard instruments and inseparably with the branch.

SEILER Stimmwettbewerb 2014

Saturday, 05th of April
Today the tuning competition BDK found in 2014 in to our work instead of.

This year the annual tuning cometition of the BDK took place in the SEILER work Kitzingen. This competition divides in a north area and south area and is aimed alternately by different piano manufacturers and the BDK.
In two groups a total of 28 trainees started the competition. The aim is to give the opportunity to the trainee still during the apprenticeship, to compete in a branch of the job profile "piano-maker" and to check own performance level.
The participants got by lot an instrument assigned which was to be tuned in a certain time. Then the instrument was examined by three different, independent piano-makers and was valued. Special value was placed of the choral cleanness and same-stage intervals (thirds, to quarts, fifths, sixths, octaves and Dezimen).
Besides,  SEILER have achieved trainees a substantial result, even if it has not been enough for the front places this year. Thus only one "hearty thank-you remains to us" to all involved ones to say and please us already about the new challenge next year.

International Music Fair 2014 Frankfurt a. Main, Germany

A perfect presentation makes for exciting days of the fair

At this point we would like to first thank you for the many visitors to our booth who have confirmed us in our passion for the distinctive and transparent sound of the instruments SEILER. The thanks go not only to our many dealers, but also to the many end users who have used Saturday as informative excursion into the world of piano builders.
This year, SEILER has been successfully presented in "Piano Salon Europe" at the international Fair for Musical Instruments in Frankfurt. Our modern and well-designed stand offered a choice of SEILER top models and the ability to convince themselves of the excellent quality and the unique sound of SEILER. Both the professional audience as well as the interested vistors took the opportunity in talks with our stand personnel learn more about the company SEILER piano factory and experience the production of upright and grand pianos.

We look back on four successful days in which we could share with many people from all over the world our passion for piano & grand piano, are confirmed by the positive response very pleased and in our daily work.

Factory visit Swiss dealer

a happy reunion was the visit of our Swiss dealer in our factory in Kitzingen a. Main. During the company visit the dealers were able to gain an insight into the art of piano making and gain important information for the continuous improvement of the typical SEILER sound image. The group had the opportunity to talk with competent piano makers as well as technical details on site ti discuss. All around this experiance was a valuable contribution to strengthen the existing cooperation and to develop future-oriented.

We would like to thank you in this way very much for visiting and look forward to a mutual cooperation for the benefit of our Swiss customers.

Concert during the Bavarian Horticultural show

July 16, 2011


Over 1.000 visitors came to listen to a concert by the “Münchner Salon-Orchester” during a summer party held on the “Natur in Kitzingen”, the 2011 Bavarian Horticultural show. Seiler was happy to support this event with a 242 Konzert grand.

Charity concerts

April 08 and 09, 2011


Seiler has once more supported the 2011 pop and classics gala in favour of the children’s cancer ward of the Würzburg University Hospital by providing a grand piano. As every year, the “Regenbogen” (“rainbow”) ward received the entire benefit of the concerts.

Concert at Seiler’s with
Hyo-Sun Lim

February 02, 2011


Around 50 invited guests took the opportunity to enjoy a small concert performed by Korean pianist Hyo-Sun Lim. She performed pieces by Beethoven, Muczynski and Donggi Hong. The listeners were enthusiastic about this variety that contained music so far unknown to most, but highly appreciated.

Visit by students of the Kyoto College of Piano Technology

January 2011


As already several times before, a class of the Kyoto College of Piano Technology visited Seiler for a factory tour. As the group’s leader, Ms. Seiko Fuji explained, this is a unique chance for the students to get to know about some aspects of piano manufacture that cannot be shown at school.

Unheilig at Neubert’s

December 22, 2010


The band “Unheilig” also used a Seiler grand for their performance in the furniture department store Neubert in Würzburg.

Dealers’ meeting

November 07 and 08, 2010


Seiler partners from all over Germany had the opportunity to gather some information on the company, its products and the production during those two days in a friendly atmosphere. The exchange of experiences was another important point, and there were lots of questions being asked to different Seiler employees.

Moving to Goldberg

October 2010


By moving the administration and sales departments to the production plant at Goldberg, it was possible to have shorter distances between the departments. Thus, a visitor can not only see the making of an instrument, but also try the result in the adjacent showroom.

Participation in EPTA’s annual congress

October 29 to 31, 2010


The 2010 annual congress of EPTA (European Piano Teachers’ Association) took place at Schwerin. Seiler was able to present the extent of the products range – from beginners’ pianos to professional instruments – during this event.

Smart (Terrestre)

June 10, 2010


In the end of the tour for the presentation of the E-Smart (electric car), there was a concert event at Berlin with various artists. On stage as well: a Seiler “Terrestre” grand was an additional eyecatcher.

Charity concerts

April 23 and 24, 2010


Like in previous years, Seiler provided a grand for the pop and classics gala that was held in favour of the children’s cancer ward of the Würzburg University Hospital. Numerous artists and sponsors support this ward’s work with the revenues of these concerts.

Jugend musiziert
(youth plays music)

March 26 to 30, 2010


To participate in the contests of “Jugend musiziert” is a special experience for every young musician. Therefore, we were very happy to provide the instruments for the Bavarian final competition at Bayreuth.


March 24 to 27, 2010


The Piano Salon Europe that takes place every two years offered Seiler the opportunity to show some novelties in a nice ambiance and to present the company to the numerous professional and other visitors. Also, important international contacts were established or renewed.