Seiler DuoVox – two worlds in one instrument

In 1987, Steffen Seiler manages for the first time to integrate the potentials of digital sound into Seiler uprights and grands by introducing the Seiler DuoVox system. His idea: to switch over the instrument from acoustic to electronic sound generation by means of a Seiler-patented mechanic switch. Thanks to continuous research, today’s possibilities are almost unlimited.


Play without being heard

Practise without annoyance at any time of the day or the night without missing the characteristic touch response and feeling of Seiler instruments is the result.

Connection to other instruments:

Sound modules, keyboards, Synthesizer: you can use a huge variety of sounds and connect to recording and composing devices

Connection to stereo equipment:

Transmit to other rooms, listen at the volume you like.

Connection to computer systems:

Use software for composing, printing, to practise or to creating MIDI data.

DuoVox – Popular

The DuoVox Popular offers all features of a state-of-the-art silent system at an affordable price. The possibility to play without being heard is completed by features like a metronome and a recording function. Enjoy your piano whenever you want!

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DuoVox – Classic

For higher exigencies: the DuoVox Classic offers several sounds as well as MIDI and USB connections. No more limits to your creativity!

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Service – your Seiler in best hands

Please commit your valuable instrument only to authorized Seiler technicians - for tuning, service or repair

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