Technical perfection as a basis of sound

Seiler’s certified quality is based on the materials that are used on the one hand; on the other it is the result of working processes that have been developed through many years. In addition to this there are innovative patents that have led Seiler instruments to the worldwide top class in respects of sound and quality. All patents and innovations serve to reach one goal: to give the musician – be it a pianist, a teacher or a student – a high-end instrument that fulfils the changing and increasing requirements for decades.


Seiler patents

Seiler Membrator-System –

Improved resonance characteristics of the soundboard leads to the perfection of the typical, transparent Seiler sound

Seiler Tone-Volume-Stabiliser –

Permanent additional sound volume and projection due to improved elasticity and tension of the soundboard

Seiler Frenator system –

Avoids unintended closing of the fallboard and thus improves comfort and safety

Seiler Super-Magnet-Repetition –

Ensures an unsurpassed repetition speed for uprights; the unique point is the use of two magnets instead of a spring system

Service – your Seiler in best hands

Please commit your valuable instrument only to authorized Seiler technicians - for tuning, service or repair

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