The transparent sound is a Seiler piano’s soul, its outward appearance its “face”. As well as the classics with a high polished black surface, Seiler offers a unique variety of inlays and precious woods that are used according to your individual demands. Choosing the precious veneers already requires a lot of experience, to be exceeded only by the art of intarsia.

The art of natural perfection

Before veneers can be used for our uprights and grands, they undergo a sophisticated process. Thermal treatment, cutting and drying is done according to Seiler specifications in order to obtain a natural and creative structure of the wood – the basis for a perfect look of the instruments. Our intarsia makers use these precious veneers to create exclusive motives and ornaments – a complex craft that has become rare, but that is performed at Seiler’s for 150 years now. Your Seiler therefore will become a unique piece of lasting value.


Create a part of your history with a “genuine Seiler” built according to your ideas.

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Waxed, satin, silk glossy or high polished – the enthusiast will certainly find the perfect finish.

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