Seiler instruments are exclusively built in Germany. For their production, we use domestic wood such as maple, pear tree, beech, oak, ash, cherry, myrtle, walnut or plane, that grow up in their natural environment. Thus, aesthetics of dark and clear are created, with colours varying from homogeneous to vivid. Waxed, satin, silk glossy or high polished – the enthusiast will certainly find the perfect finish. The result is a perfect instrument that is a unique piece of nature at the same time.

Colours and wood finishes

bubinga/olive ash/plane semi-grain
apple core/maple

You do not see the finish you are looking for?

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to inform you on other special finishes.

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The transparent sound is a Seiler piano’s soul, its outward appearance its “face”.

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Create a part of your history with a “genuine Seiler” built according to your ideas

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